Group Sound Therapy Sessions & Workshops

For one-to-one treatments with sound, see the Sound Therapy page.

Soundbath or Gongbath - highly recommended for destressing

Participants are bathed in a cocoon of healing sounds using an array of 8 Gongs as well as Himalayan and Crystal Bowls. The intention is to promote a state of deep relaxation (an optimum state for our innate healing powers to take effect), while allowing the body to pick up the vibrations it needs to help shift blocked energy and restore the body's natural frequencies. Towards the end of the session I also use a selection of other sound healing instruments - rainstick, windchimes, bells, shakers and more. These help to ground people before leaving but also add to the magic of the event. The term "Gongbath" implies an even greater focus on the use of gongs within the session.
Participants lie on comfortable recliners with a covering blanket to ensure they stay warm. It's advisable to avoid stimulants (alcohol, coffee, etc.) or a heavy meal before-hand and ideally to avoid or limit alcohol afterwards. After a brief introduction and settling time, the sound/gongbath lasts an hour. Time is also allowed later for coming to. 

I no longer do "drop-in sessions" but ask that people arrange their own group of up to 3 people arranged with me at a date and time to suit. The cost of the session (for the group) is £42. One-to-one sessions are still £40. To book, please email

To learn more about the Richness of the Gong and the gongs I use, see the 26th October 2012 post on the Sound Waves page.  

Sanskrit Mantra Half-day Workshop

Last one was April 2017, please get in touch if interested in a future date or to arrange your own group
  • Background to the power of chanting Sanskrit mantras
  • How to unleash the power of Om through correct pronunciation
  • How to calm or invigorate the chakras with Sanskrit bijas
  • Simple mantras that can be used as salves
  • How to chant (as opposed to melodious singing of) the beautiful and all-powerful Gayatri mantra 
with an interlude of some simple drumming with N. American Buffalo drums (provided if you don't have your own). Documentation and recordings available to take away. These workshops are restricted to small numbers. To book please email

Valuable feedback from a participant at a previous one-day Mantra Workshop: "This is a fantastic workshop with far-reaching benefits. Helen is a clear and patient teacher. Try it out - it may just change your life!" and from an extended Mantra and Drum module (5x2-hour sessions): "I thoroughly enjoyed the five sessions of the drum and mantra module. They were informative, interesting and great fun. Helen is an extremely good teacher and explained everything clearly. The accompanying notes and recordings were very helpful too and inspired us to practise at home. I certainly would recommend this excellent course! "

Using the Drum and the Voice for Improved Well-being

Last one was April 2017, please get in touch if interested in a future date or to arrange your own group

Drumming is one of the oldest therapeutic rituals and works on the premise that we are truly rhythmical beings. Group drumming works on a number of levels - it creates a sense of community, mutual support, personal empowerment, self-expression and connection to each other and to our bodies. Sessions also generate moments of laughter and light heartedness. In this session, we will explore simple rhythms related to the seasons, directions and our spiritual being based on the N.American Medicine Wheel. We will at times add some simple chants. We will end with a Shamanic drum journey to still the mind and generate healing energy for the self and the group.  No previous drumming or chanting experience is necessary. Frame drums (e.g. N.American Buffalo drums) are provided for those who don't have one. These sessons are restricted to small numbers. To book please email

Sound Exploration - working creatively with others, arranged on request

In these sessions you have the opportunity to try out my my gongs, bowls, drums, etc and to work within a small group to create a soundscape (an auditory picture). The benefits derive from the pleasures of creating the sounds for yourself, the process of working creatively within a group, and observing and reflecting on any resistances that might surface. These sessions lend themselves well to a private group arrangement involving friends or colleagues.

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