Sound Therapy

Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Every aspect of nature pulsates in an endless interplay of delicate and complex vibrations. Human beings are part of this pattern. When there’s illness or constant stress there may be disharmony in our own natural vibrations. Sound is vibrational energy. Ancient cultures have long used it as part of their healing rituals. Now there is a growing body of scientific and clinical research into the therapeutic effects of sound healing tools/instruments. 

The instruments are used by Sound Therapists with the intention of helping to restore natural frequencies within the body, supporting our innate healing powers to bring us back into balance, health and well-being. I use DrumsGongsHimalayan (Tibetan) and Crystal Bowls, and Tuning Forks, as well as a variety of enchanting sound effect tools to enhance the process. Where a number of instruments is used in a session this is referred to as a soundbath. Some describe such sessions as sound journeys, I can also work interactively with a client using Sankrit Mantras and Voice Processing Techniques. Group Sound Sessions are also available.

Whatever the session, the aim is to help you to relax and to create a beneficial shift in consciousness. Your specific needs may include calming incessant mind-chatter, releasing physical or emotional tension, acknowledging and letting go of long-standing negative thought patterns, coping with physical and/or emotional pain or releasing the stresses of everyday life. A one-hour one-to-one session is £40 with payment by cheque, cash or bank transfer. (Less than 24-hour cancellation is half-fee).


The drum is one of the most ancient sound instruments. The earliest drums may have been fallen tree trunks and porous rocks. Drums have long been used in ritual and ceremony because of their ability to alter consciousness. I use a frame drum (similar to the Native American Indian drum) which I play over the body using simple rhythms to give a wonderful sonic massage. Other rhythms are used with the intention of inducing very relaxed brain wave states. To learn more about our "Our Rhythmical Being and the Power of the Drum" see the April 2012 article on the Sound Waves page. See also the Group Sound Sessions page re group drumming.


Like the drum, the gong is one of the oldest sound instruments, dating back to the Bronze Age. Gongs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The 8 gongs I use produce a rich continuum of tones and overtones creating a magical sound envelope, often referred to as a gongbath. Some say "it transports them to different realms." Gong therapy may help in identifying resistances and bringing about physical and emotional release. To learn more about "The Richness of the Gong" and the gongs I use, see the October 2012 article on the Sound Waves page. See also the Group Sound Sessions page re group soundbaths and gongbaths.

Tuning Forks

Forks are tuned to specific frequencies. They can be used individually, in pairs,  or struck against each other to create harmonics. The forks I use create frequencies associated with the chakras. Body Tuners are weighted forks that can be used in contact with the body so the frequencies can be picked up more directly by the tissues. I may use tuning forks in combination with other sound healing tools in a soundbath or gongbath. To learn more about "Tuning Fork Use in Sound Therapy," see the March 2017 article on the Sound Waves page.

Sanskrit Mantra

Sanskrit mantras have been used by yogis for millenia. Many relate to Hindu deities which we can regard as subtle energy sources we can tune into when repeating the mantra. While chanting, we can be tapping into thousands of years of collective intention and focus, making the process very powerful. The most effective use of mantra is for the client to do their own chanting for a specified period under my guidance. The mantra is chosen to support whatever process you need to work through. A mantra therapy session can initiate the procedure or attending a Mantra workshop (see Group Sound Sessions page). To learn more about the power of Sanskrit mantra, see the December 2013 article on the "Power of Om" and the July 2011 article on "The Power of Chanting" on the Sound Waves page.

Himalayan & Crystal Bowls

Himalayan bowls (sometimes referred to as Tibetan bowls), like the Gong, are thought to date back to the Bronze Age. They can be struck or rimmed to make them sing, so creating a wealth of tones and overtones. Crystal bowls are made of very high quality quartz resulting in the production of almost pure notes with a powerfully long sustain. The sounds created by bowls may have far-reaching effects on our consciousness and well-being. I use bowls in combination with other sound healing tools in a soundbath or gongbath.

Vocal Processing Techniques

We can work with the voice using simple exercises to explore inhibitions and resistances and bring about shifts in our subtle energy system. Examples include toning (focusing on a particular vowel sound),  work with consonants, breath work, associative word repetitions and creative improvisations. The exercises may be simple but they can be powerful in helping release witheld emotions and boost vocalising confidence. Such techniques can be used together with Sanskrit Mantra work (see earlier).

Click Group Sound Sessions for details of group experiences.