Āyurvedic Face Reflexology & Massage

This treatment is based on the premise that the body is reflected in the face and on the potentially powerful effect of working marmas to help rebalance body systems. These are vital energy points from the Āyurvedic tradition said to be infused with prāna and connected to very fine energy channels throughout the body. The techniques also aim to free constrictions and tension in the facial muscles and connective tissue, helping to smooth out expression lines and improve circulation of blood and lymph. The treatment provides complete relaxation so the body’s innate healing and rejuvinating powers can come into play.

Ayurvedic Face Massage Edinburgh EH9The first part of the massage uses a variety of massage techniques without oil or lotion. Then the marmas are worked with a warm herb infused tridoshic oil. Tridoshic means helping to rebalance whichever dosha is in excess. The doshas, vāta, pitta and kapha are patterns in the Āyurvedic tradition used to describe a person’s constitution in terms of physical, emotional and mental characteristics.

Ayurvedic Face Massage EdinburghFinally, the face is gently massaged using the oil and a bronze kasa wand, a kasa bowl with a wooden handle. Traditionally, kasa bowls are used in Āyurvedic massage to help remove excess heat and toxins and to reinforce the beneficial effects of massage strokes and marma work. The wand is smaller than the bowl used on the body and the feet. The wooden handle allows it to easily be applied to the face. 

Ayurvedic Face Reflexology Marchmont, Indian Face Massage EH9, Facial Rejuvination EdinburghThe treatment involves working over the scalp, neck and ears as well as the face. Please bear this in mind when booking a session. More oil can be used on the scalp if you want to keep the oil in the hair for a few hours before shampooing, leaving the hair beautifully smooth and silky. Clients can be shown points and techniques to use for a few minutes every day to help sustain the results.

Because we are working the face and head, this treatment may help with localised issues such as headaches, insomnia, sinus congestion and facial muscle restrictions, for example with Bell's Palsy. Its deeply relaxing effects may be particularly helpful in alleviating stress.


The treatment has been developed from my knowledge as a Polarity Therapist and in training (in Facial Rejuvination/Indian Face Massage) with Mary Dalgleish for the London Center of Indian Champissage International, Deepa Apté of Ayurveda Pura and Sharon Stathis of the Stathis Method of Ayurvedic Reflexology Therapy as well as much personal study and in particular the work of Vasant Lad of the Ayurvedic Institute.

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