Some of the Nice Things People Have Said

"I have participated in many therapies over the years but for my aims of removing obstacles that stand in my way of financial and creative freedom, the mantra therapy has had the most dramatic effect above all others......Happiness, serenity and focus have replaced the turmoil that was surrounding my career!" LK

"Not only has the drum therapy been a very relaxing and grounding treatment but a great support during a fairly stressful time..... A great deal of emotions were released and dealt with in a calming and gentle manner by Helen and I have been introduced to new knowledge which I will pursue. Helen is knowledgeable, passionate and understanding in her approach." SB

"During the gong sessions I found all sensations of pain and the resultant mental tension disappear as I entered a deeply relaxed state. I really enjoyed feeling the vibration of the gongs and some bits of my body seemed to really soak in the sound as though they needed it. The gongs reach a deep part of me and regular treatments will help me live with my condition." CE

"I found the Voice Processing Techniques sessions wonderful. For me it was equivalent to someone picking up a paint brush and painting for the first time. It was a totally new experience. Each sound can be felt resonating in the area it is designed for. The great advantage of the sounds is that they can be performed at any time . . . waiting for the kettle to boil etc. The sounds are very physical, different to sport activities yet deeply effective within the spiritual body. Using the voice is fun and  a release of oneself into the surroundings. They are uplifting and regenerating. I enjoy using the Voice Processing Techniques for a general feeling of wellbeing." MH

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