Reflexology, Sound Therapy, Āyurvedic Face Reflexology & Massage

Reflexology is a well-established complementary therapy used by many to help with a wide variety of ailments including Stress Management. Maternity Reflexology is increasingly used by women to help them through Pregnancy. Āyurvedic Face Reflexology & Massage is used by those with localised head and face issues and for cosmetic purposes as well as for wider-reaching effects. Sound Therapy is being recognised as an aid for tension release, both physical and emotional as well as a support for people with more serious issues. You may be interested in just one of these modalities or a combination - your needs are unique to you, which is why a holistic approach has so much to offer.

Helen Harris, Complementary Therapies, Reflexology Edinburgh,Sound Therapy Edinburgh,Indian Face Massage Edinburgh,helen harris reflexologyI work on the premise that health disorders are not only brought about by trauma or disease, they may be exacerbated by diet, the environment, long-standing or recent emotional issues and stress. The initial consultation and rapport established between us can play a vital role in the healing process. Each treatment is geared to your needs, including suggestions for self-help. Of fundamental importance is the intention of releasing energy blockages in the body as well as complete relaxation which may help the body's innate healing powers and rebalancing mechanisms to operate well. With pregnant clients, the aim is to help support the pregnancy and prepare for as good a birthing as possible. 

I am fully insured as a Reflexologist, Sound Therapist, and Āyurvedic Face Massage Practitioner as well as a Polarity Therapist, the principles of which I bring into all my other therapies. I moved back to my beautiful home town from London in 2010. My practice is in Whitehouse Loan, EH9 in central Edinburgh. It's on the borders of The Grange and can be reached easily from Marchmont, Tollcross, Bruntsfield, and Morningside.

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